Privacy Policy / Terms & Conditions

These terms create a legal agreement between you ("You" or "Your") and your use of the software applications ("Game" or "Games") for mobile devices that are created by Sphere Game Studios ("We" or "Us"). You agree that by using our games that you are agreeing to these terms.

You agree that you are at least 13 years old and if you are between 13 years old and 18 years old that the proper consent from a parent or guardian has been given prior to playing our games. You also agree the parent or guardian has read and agreed to these terms and is happy for you to play our games.

We can, at any time, make changes to these terms for the following (but not limited to) reasons: We may make changes due to the nature of our games, products and services, for legal or technical reasons or because the nature of our business has changed. These terms will always be made available online and by request. You agree that by continual use of our games that you agree to the updated terms.

Playing our games

You are responsible for the internet connection and/or any mobile data charges that may be incurred whilst using our games. You should confirm any applicable data charges with your mobile phone operator before you play.

We have the right to amend or withdraw any of our games (in whole or in part) at any time without liability to you. This may be for the following (but not limited to) reasons: For technical difficulties experienced by us or by you, so we can improve your experience of our games, because it is no longer viable for us to continue the game or games, where we have a legal obligation, for any reason, to change or alter or discontinue a game or our games, or because we have, or have to, alter the services we provide to you.

There may be times that our games and/or services are unavailable to you for maintenance, upgrade or other technical reason. This may be on a scheduled or unscheduled basis.

Your data and how we use it

You agree that you will take all necessary steps and measures to ensure that any log in details used by you in our games are kept safe and secure. You agree that you will not share these details with anyone else or allow your log in details to be used by anyone else. In respect of these terms, "your log in details" refers to any log in details used in connection with our games and any third party or social network that our games interact with. If you fail to take all the necessary steps to safeguard your log in details, you accept full liability for any consequences that may occur because of this and you also agree to fully compensate us for any losses that may result.

We will not be responsible for any loss that you suffer as a result of any unauthorised person accessing your account and playing our games, including any in app purchases made via our games.

We reserve the right to remove any dormant accounts or accounts that have had no activity for a minimum period of 180 days. At which point you will no longer have any access to your account nor any history and/or purchases associated with that account. No refund will be applicable in such event.

We will take all necessary steps to secure any data that we hold about you. All connections between our games and any third party services and/or social networks are, where possible and available, secured with the encryption technology provided by the third party and/or social networks.

We will not share your data with any third party unless required to by the policy of the social networks that you authorise within our games. If you connect to a social network during your use of our games then you agree to us sharing your data with the social network in order to provide you with social networking features within our games. You also agree to our games accessing your social contacts, on any social network you have authorised, to enable you to play socially with those contacts in our games.

By playing our games you consent to us collecting, processing and sharing your personal data in accordance to these terms. If you do not agree to this then you should not use our games.

We will only share your personal data when we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, protect your safety or the safety of others, investigate fraud, or respond to a government request, or with our trusted services providers who work on our behalf, do not have an independent use of the information we disclose to them, and have agreed to adhere to the rules set forth in these terms.

If you connect our games to any social network then you also agree to abide by their terms and conditions.

In app purchases

Where applicable, our games allow you to purchase extra content and/or services ("Virtual goods") to enhance your gaming experience. You can only purchase virtual goods from the app store that you originally downloaded the game from. You buy virtual goods with real money and virtual goods cannot be exchanged for real money.

You agree that all purchases of virtual goods are final and that you will not be entitled to a refund after the process has been completed, subject to the policies of the app store that you make the purchase from. Virtual goods are redeemed instantly and are therefore non-returnable.

You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the relevant app store that you make an in game purchase from. These terms and conditions are available directly from the applicable app store.

We have the right to add, remove or amend the virtual goods at any time. This will not affect any purchases of virtual goods you have already made nor the services that those virtual goods will have provided you.

Your use of our games

You must comply with the laws that are applicable to in the country that you access our games from. If any such laws prohibit you from playing our games then it is your responsibility to comply with those laws. You agree that any personal data provided by you to us is accurate and truthful, both now and in the future and that you will not use another person’s identity in any interaction.

You agree that any user generated content, created by you in whatever form, is the sole responsibility of you and you also agree that any loss or damages that arise, however this may happen, is your sole responsibility.

You agree that any content created by you is not unlawful or harmful to any person or entity in any way. You agree that you will not disrupt or interfere with, in any way, our games, our servers or any third party network that distributes our games and services.

You will not attempt to decompile, reverse engineer or try, in any way, to hack our games or game servers or third party networks. You will not, in any way, try and intercept, circumvent or tamper with any communication between our games and the networks and servers they connect to. You will not, in any way, disrupt the enjoyment of other players of any of our games.

We do not control any user generated content posted via our games. Under no circumstances will we be held liable for any and all such content. We reserve the right to amend or remove any content that we feel would be harmful to another player, is in any way illegal or is in breach of these terms.

You agree that you are entirely responsible for any communication or interaction with another player of our games.

You agree to abide by these terms at all times and will compensate us and/or any connected third party, within the applicable legal framework, if at any point you breach these terms.

Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights of our games, including but not limited to, design and gameplay are exclusively owned by us or licensed to us.

You must not copy or distribute our games, either privately or publicly. Unless you have prior agreement, in writing from us, you must not create any derivative work from our games or any part thereof.


If any part of these terms is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable under any applicable law, which shall not affect the entirety of this document, where possible, the part that is affected will be interpreted as close as possible to our original intention within the scope of the applicable law.

If you have any questions about these terms or any of our games then please contact us via email at