General Gameplay-

Placing a Building

To place a building, tap the + to open the build menu and choose the type of building you would like to place. Move the building to where you would like it to go and tap the ok button.

Note that some buildings will need to be placed by water (e.g. water utilities) and some will need to be placed on water (e.g. shipyards and ports). Most buildings need to be placed by roads.

Buildings will have a green outline if they can be placed and red if they cannot be placed.

Cloning a Building

Cloning a building allows you to place another of the same building without having to go through the build menu. Tap the building you would like to clone and tap the + button. Then move the building to where you would like it to go and tap the ok button.

Moving a Building

Tap the building that you would like to move twice, then you can either drag the building to where you would like it to go or tap the tile you would like it to go on. To rotate a building tap the building twice then tap the rotate button and confirm with the ok button.

Deleting a Building

To delete a building, tap the building and then the trash button. You can then multi select all of the buildings you wish to remove. Tap the ok button and a window will pop up asking you to confirm this action (if you have selected more than one building).

Building and Deleting Roads and Paths

Tap the hammer button and choose the item you would like to place. Place as many as you like in your city by tapping the map then confirm by tapping the ok button.

Placing a road over water will also build a bridge if there are more than 2 tiles of water and there is not an obstruction in or at the other end of the water.


Your city starts as a 20x20 grid and can be expanded to 200x200 tiles giving you a total playing area of 40,000 tiles in total to build your city on. You can expand your city by tapping on a locked area and purchasing it with money or watching an ad.

Why Does Building Cost Increase?

This may seem strange, however the more buildings you buy, the better your city will become. The more you are willing to invest in your city, the more unique and special it will be. As your city grows you will generate sufficient income to more than cover this cost.

City Advisor

The city advisor is there to help you build a balanced and thriving city. The city advisor gives you a hint every 2 minutes, with the most important action that needs to be taken. Should you feel you no longer need the city advisor's help it can be turned off in the settings menu.

The most common messages will be about staffing levels. If your city is "short staffed" that means you do not have enough residents to fill your employment and your income will be reduced proportionally. If your city has "unemployment" this means you have more residents than jobs. Both of these situations will reduce your income until it is fixed. You will get warnings if more than 40 buildings do not have city services coverage, your power, water, food or trash is low and other problems with your city.


The warehouse is a temporary storage for your buildings. You can use it when you are redesigning your city.

To store a building in your warehouse, tap the building twice then tap the box button. This will automatically place it in your warehouse. You warehouse can hold up to 150 slots (with each slot holding multiples of the same building) and each additional storage spot needs to be unlocked. To remove a building simply tap it and choose where you would like it to go. Buildings can also be deleted from the warehouse. You will be prompted to confirm removal. Be aware that this action cannot be undone.

In-Game Money and Gold

Money and gold are the main currencies in the game. Commercial and industrial buildings will yield in-game money. The gold mine and stock exchange will both yield gold. You can exchange gold for in-game money at any time. When you have reached level 100 and have a stock exchange in your city you can exchange in-game money for gold.

If at anytime you feel you need more in-game money or gold to grow your city quicker, these can be purchased through the app store that you downloaded your game from by tapping the + next to the currency you would like to purchase. We advise that you have a stable internet connection when making purchases (WiFi if possible).

Daily Reward

Every 24 hours that you log into the game you will get a reward. This can be either in-game money or gold and will increase in value daily. Please note, this is a game day not a calendar day.

Free Gold

One free gold can be awarded for watching a short video in the game. As this feature is provided by a third party, sometimes there will not be a video to watch, but please check back later. You can also earn free money and gold by visiting other cities and putting out fires. Every 5th fire will award gold, and you will be able to put out 100 fires each day. Find the golden cloud and dragon for extra bonuses.


In-game Money and Gold can be earned by completing achievements in the game. Tap the trophy button to find these.


The bar graph icon on your screen will show you an overview of your city's statistics. You can check your city's finances and service coverage and what your city requirements are. If the graph's bar is to the right this means you have a need for that type of building. If it is to the left, this mean that you too much of that type of building to make a balanced city.


If you have excess power, water, food or trash collection you can trade these for additional income for your city. You can sell a bit, a lot, or all of your excess production. If your city needs more resources these values will be dynamically adjusted to meet demand (if possible).

Power, water, food and trash services can also be purchased. You can purchase up to 150% of the current demand in your city.

Note: Trading contracts last for 5 minutes and are automatically renewed whilst you are playing the game.

Advanced Mode

This function allows you to see a building's happiness, ecology and city serevices coverage just by tapping on the building.

The ground around the building will also turn red or green showing you how the pollution (red) or ecology (green) is affecting it's surroundings. The darker the shading, the greater the effect.

Bulldoze mode

Tap the hammer button and choose the bulldoze tool. This tool will allow you to quickly rezone an area of your city. This tool will remove everything in the selected area apart from buildings.

Rapid build

Rapid build will enable you to keep building the same building. This can be handy to create a row of houses or a forest area.


One of the main challenges is to manage pollution and keeping ecology high. One of the best ways of boosting ecology is to provide trash services for your city.

Trees and parks will naturally soak up pollution so use these to make your city a happy and healthy place to live.

Eye Tool

This function allows you to see the zones in your city. Each building is replaced with a coloured tile indicating what type of building it is. This will also show you the upgrade level of each building.

Buildings can be placed and upgraded when using the eye tool. You can also build transportation and landscape your city.

If you enable the enhanced eye tool you can cycle through each category of building. For example, you can limit the game to only show your residential buildings. Trees can also be moved and deleted when using enhanced eye tool. This is a useful feature for when a tree is behind a building and you can't get to it normally.

City Name

Tap on your player level to rename your city. In that screen you can also see who has viewed and liked your city, see how other players have rated your city. You can also change your city's name in the game settings.

What is GDP?

GDP (or Gross Domestic Product) is the total value your city will generate in 1 year. GDP per capita is your GDP value divided by how many residents you have. To increase this value you will need more income or less residents.



Residential buildings provide housing for the people living in your city. Residential buildings are greatly affected by pollution and should not be placed too near commercial and industrial buildings. Try and keep residential buildings together and surround them with parks, trees and decorations for maximum happiness.


Commercial buildings provide jobs for your residents. Commercial buildings are mildly affected by pollution but should still be kept away from industrial buildings. Commercial provide less income than industrial but will yield quicker. The higher the commercial buildings happiness and the greater the buildings upgrade level, the greater the yield will be.


Industrial buildings provide jobs for your residents. Industrial buildings are not affected by pollution and should be placed with other industrial buildings. Industrial income is higher than commercial but they will yield slower. The higher the industrial buildings happiness and the greater the buildings upgrade level the greater the yield will be.


Community buildings provide jobs for your residents and boost happiness for surrounding buildings. Community buildings are only mildly affected by pollution and can be placed anywhere. Community employment adds to your commercial employment.


Utility buildings provide jobs for your residents and provide your city with much needed water, power and trash services. Utility buildings are not affected by pollution and should be placed with other industrial buildings. Some utilities are massively polluting and should be separated from the rest of your city. Utility employment adds to your industrial employment.


Farming buildings provide (very low density) jobs for your residents and most importantly, they provide food for your city. Farming buildings are not affected by pollution and can be placed anywhere. Farming employment adds to your industrial employment.

Trees & Decorations

Decorations provide a boost for both happiness and ecology. Increase city happiness by liberally decorating your city with as many parks and trees as you can. Neutralise pollution by placing lots of trees.


Military buildings provide jobs for residents for your city. Military buildings are not affected by pollution. Military yields are higher than industrial. The higher the city happiness the greater the payout. Military employment adds to your industrial employment.

Hints and Tips

Most buildings will reduce city happiness, add pollution and consume water, electricity, food and trash. To counter this, add community buildings, decorations and utilities as your city grows.

Buildings are happiest when they have high ecology, police, fire, education health, religion and military coverage. The higher the coverage, the larger the happiness boost they will receive. Tap the coverage button on the building info screen to see how much coverage the building has.

Piers will spawn ships only if the exit is facing open water.

How Many Of Each Building Can I Place?

You can place as many of each building as you like, but be aware that the cost of each building increases the more you add.

Note: only one gold mine and stock exchangd can be placed in your city.

What Happens When I Upgrade A Building?

Buildings can be upgraded to level 10. Upgrading buildings increases their residential capacity, employment, happiness and/or ecology. Upgrading city services increases their area of effect and they will provide cover to more surrounding buildings. You can see the "area of effect" of a building by selecting it.

What is a buildings "area of effect"?

When you select a building it will draw a circle on ground showing the "area of effect". A white circle show city services coverage, as you upgrade your city services this area will increase. Area of effect can be enabledin the game settings.

Connect With Friends+

Visiting and Liking/Rating Other Cities

You can visit other cities by opening the leader board. Simply tap the visit button next to the city you wish to visit. When visiting a city you can like it (and optionally add your rating) to show your appreciation and you have the option to add it to your friends list to enable you to find it easily next time if you want to watch their city's progress. The friends list is located in the leader board. You can also put out fires in the cities that you visit to earn free in game money and gold. If you would like to see who has visited your city and visit them back, you can do this in your city progress window. This can be found by tapping on your player level.

Sometimes it will not be possible to visit other cities, this will either be because you are playing offline or the city you are trying to visit is running a later version of the game and you will need to update your game.

In-app Purchases+

I Didn't Get My Order

If your purchase wasn't credited to your city instantly, log out and log back in again. A new connection may speed up the process. If this did not work it may just be slightly delayed.

If your purchase hasn't appeared after 24 hours, please contact support via email, with your payment receipt attached, and we will be able to investigate this for you.

Avoid Accidental Purchases

The game is free to download and play, however it also offers entirely optional "In-App Purchases". Purchases are not required to play the game, but can be used to speed up some elements of game-play and unlock some elements early.

In-app purchases are paid for with real money, and are clearly labelled as such. They are accessible in the game.

You may wish to turn this option off to avoid accidental purchases or if your device is being used by someone else.

Instructions for Android

Instructions for iOS

Instructions for Amazon

My Purchase Was Cancelled

If you tried to make a purchase and the purchase was cancelled, you will not be charged for that purchase.

Cancelled purchases could be because your billing address and/or the name registered with Google Play, Apple or Amazon is different to the one on your credit card or you have insufficient funds to make the purchase.

I Can't Place An Order

Make sure that your device settings are properly configured before making a purchase. If you purchase has been processing for more than 24 hours please contact support at Apple, Google Play or Amazon.

I Got A High Risk Warning

For reasons of user security, some app stores may deem certain purchases out of the ordinary. This automatically prevents unwanted charges to your device. For some reason the system has determined that your purchase was 'high risk' and therefore cancelling it. This may mean that you cannot make any purchases for 30 minutes (sometimes longer).

While you are waiting, it may be a good idea to check that your billing details are up to date and match those on your credit card.

Where Can I Find My Purchase History

You will need to log into the app store you downloaded the game from and you will be able to view your purchase history from there.

Can I Buy In-app Purchases From Other Sites?

Third party sites that promise you enhancements for our game may collect your personal information, money or both, and often never deliver the promised in-game products.

We strongly advise that if you wish to make an in-app purchase that you make it through the game itself on your mobile device.

My Account and Game Settings+

How Do I Transfer Or Sync To Another Device?

Yes you can. This can be done by using your your Google Play account (Android and iOS) or your Apple account (iOS only). To sync your city please follow the following instructions.

  1. Connect your existing city to transfer to Google Play/Apple, save and close your game.
  2. Open the game on your new device and skip tutorial, then connect this city to the same Google Play/Apple account.
  3. When the connection is complete you will be prompted to connect to your existing city. Confirm the sync to play your old city on your new device.
  4. you can now play the same city on both devices.

Please always ensure your close and save your city on one device before opening the game on another device to avoid overwriting any progress.

Can I Play Multiple Accounts On A Single Device?

No. We can only support one saved game per device.

Can I Play Offline?

Yes you can. The game can be played both offline and online. However, if you play offline, your city will only be saved locally (to your device). This means that if anything should happen to your device we will not have your city backed up on our servers. Playing offline will also disable feature such as the leader boards and purchases.

As soon as you play on an internet connection, make sure you save your game and it will automatically be backed up to our servers.

Game Settings Menu

The game settings allows you to customise your game play. Within this window you can choose how you would like your game to run. You can use this menu to turn on or off - the game sounds, the city advisor and the weather. You can change your game detail level which will modify the game animations (or disable them completely). You can connect your game to Google Play/Apple from this window, which is essential should you wish to play your game on another device.

The game is available in 11 different languages. If your game does not automatically load in your language, this can be changed in the settings menu.

You can also reset your city. To reset your city choose 'reset now'. This will give you the option of an easy or hard reset.

If you choose an easy reset you will keep all of your in-game money and gold, everything that you had unlocked and your expansions will remain. Any buildings in your warehouse will also remain. You will be able to continue building on a new blank world. A hard reset will completely restart your game again. You will have your original amount of in-game money, gold and previously unlocked buildings will be locked again. This will effectively set the game back to the state when you first installed.

Keep Your City Safe From Lost Progress+

How Do I Save My City?

Android - tap the back button and a pop up window will let you know that your city is saving and backing up to our servers (if your device is connected to the internet).

iOS - press the home button. A notification cannot be displayed for this due to how iOS works.

We strongly advise you DO NOT "force close" your game as you may close in the middle of a save and your progress may be lost. Force closing is closing the game from your app manager.

Why Should I Connect To Google Play or Apple?

Being connected to an external service will mean

  1. You will be able to recover your city should anything happen to your device (you lose it, operating system reset or upgrade)
  2. You will be able to sync your city to another device

Parents Guide+

Does the Game Have An Age Limit?

The game has a PEGI 3 rating which means it is appropriate for children from three years of age. The game contains no violence or mature themes.

How Do I Turn Off In-app Purchases?

The game is free to download and play, however it also offers entirely optional "In-App Purchases". These purchases are never required to play the game, but can be used to enhance some elements of game-play.

In-app purchases are paid for with real money, and are clearly labelled as such. They are accessible in the game.

You may wish to turn this option off to avoid accidental purchases or if your device is being used by someone else.

Instructions for Android

Instructions for iOS

Instructions for Amazon

Who Processes In-app Purchases?

Sphere Game Studios do not process payments for in-app purchases or have access to any of your credit card information. The payments themselves are completed through the app store you downloaded the game from.

Receipts for your transactions are emailed to you by the relevant app store after each purchase.

I'm A Parent, How Do I Contact You?

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Email us at Please try to include any specific details regarding your query that might be useful, like what happened and when, relevant transaction ID receipts, screenshots etc.

Troubleshooting & Devices+

Close The App

Sometimes to facilitate optimum game-play performance for the game, you must close out of the game and then reload.

On Android, tap the back button at the bottom of your screen to save your city and close your game. Then tap the app manager and end task on the game (by swiping up or left, depending on your device). Then reload your game.

On iOS, tap the home button twice and stop the app from running. Then reload your game.

This may be necessary if you have been playing for long periods of time on some devices.

Sometimes, especially for older devices with small amounts of memory, it may also be necessary to close other apps before running the game. The game can use a lot of memory when running, and other apps may stop the game running efficiently.

High/Low Detail

Having high detail on will turn on the animations in your city - weather effects, vehicles and people. For older devices to run smoothly, you may want to turn this off. This can be done in the settings menu.

Changing The Language In The Game

This can be done in the settings menu.

Connect To Google Play/Apple

Connecting your city to Google Play or Apple will give you the option to load your game on another device. This can be done in the settings menu.

The game can only support one city per account and will be permanently attached to the city they are assigned to. For this reason we advise that you only play one city per device, do not log onto someone else's device to open the game and do not let others use your device to log into theirs. This may cause you to lose your city.

My Game Keeps Crashing

Make sure you have downloaded your game through a recognised and trusted app store (e.g. Google Play and Apple). We cannot support or verify games downloaded from other app download sites. Free up memory by closing any unused apps running in the background, clearing cache (especially for your internet browsers and social media apps) and restarting your device.

Increase free memory by uninstalling apps you no longer need, and transferring pictures and videos from your device to a laptop or cloud storage.

Please note, the game runs best on devices that meet the following (minimum) specifications:

- 2GB of free RAM (more than this is preferable)

- Android 6 / iOS 13 or higher

- 800 x 1280px minimum screen resolution

Privacy & GDPR+

What information does the game collect?

Our games store data locally on your device(s) and they also store a backup on our servers if you are playing online. We do not store any personally identifiable information either on your device(s) or online and do not require any user names, email addresses or passwords to play our games.

Our games use a unique identifier (known as a game ID) and this is used to tie your local game save to your internet game save. This allows our games to automatically restore your data in the event that your local data is removed. All connections between your device and our servers are fully encrypted.

We reserve the right to remove any dormant accounts or accounts that have had no activity for a minimum period of 90 days. At which point you will no longer have any access to your account nor any history and/or purchases associated with that account. No refund will be applicable in such event.

We use some third-parties to provide a better experience and additional content for you. These are all GDPR compliant and are as follows

Unity Ads

Our games provide opt-in reward ads in exchange for virtual currency. When you first view an ad you will asked for your permission to opt-in to personalized ads. You can change this, if you wish to opt-out, by tapping the settings button when an ad is displayed.


We allow players to connect their games to their Google Play account. This allows players to sync their games across multiple devices. We do not request any personal information whatsoever from Google and the only data we receive is a token that enables our games to sync.


We allow players to connect their games to their Apple account. This allows players to sync their games across multiple devices. We do not request any personal information whatsoever from Apple and the only data we receive is a token that enables our games to sync.

We will only share the data we hold when we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, protect your safety or the safety of others, investigate fraud, or respond to a government request.

Please note: We do not store any personally identifiable information about you online. If you would like to request a manual deletion of your game data stored online please contact us via email at